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The vision of the National Law Enforcement Suicide Mortality Database™ [LE-SMD] is to expand the database to include all sworn/active, retired, and former law enforcement and corrections officer suicide deaths and attempts as far back as they can be verified. In addition, to use the housed data to conduct extensive research, produce academic publications, to redesign training and educational curriculums, to rethink future prevention  and intervention efforts, and ultimately, to save lives. 


No governmental or private agency currently mandates tracking of such deaths or attempts, which only contributes to misinformation and inaccuracy in what is being reported and shared.  

The vision of the LE-SMD is not only to work towards a confidential and secure mandated reporting system of such deaths and attempts, but to do so with the goal in mind of joining forces with  agencies and organizations willing to acknowledge and address this silent killer in a timely and responsible way.

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