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The National Law Enforcement Suicide Mortality Database™ [LE-SMD] was developed to fill a gap in accurate and timely reporting of law enforcement and correctional officer suicides, non-fatal attempts, and drug overdose deaths. The database currently houses data from 2017-present day and has over 50 data points, with each case being independently verified for accuracy and validity. Our mission is to provide an accurate account of these deaths for research purposes. 

The LE-SMD has three distinct missions:

First, to provide a confidential reporting system for anyone to report a law enforcement or corrections officer suicide, attempt, overdose, or suspected cause of death to be suicide or overdose.

Second, to provide researchers, academics, clinicians, and other qualified professionals easy access to confidentially verified data regarding law enforcement and corrections officer suicide deaths and non-fatal suicide attempts.

Third, the research produced from the data to have a direct impact on the field and shows measurable reduction in suicide deaths among our first responder populations, as well as the reduction of attempts.

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